Excellent Quality, Perpetual Exceeding

                                                                                    —— Using quality as the foundation, Taking the marketing with brand.

Quality Management Department:

  • Adoption of international standard
  • E.G. AQL
  • Standard equipment is used for objective measurement. e.g. Spectoeye
  • Quality is created by workers instead of QC
  • 100% full quality check of wrapper

Ten years line one day, Our company keeps improving and exceeding in quality. And it makes us come to a consensus that good quality can’t ensure forever flourish while bad quality can make an enterprise worse, For years long, Our company insists on the policy of “Putting quality first, Pursuing satisfaction of customers,Participating of all personnel, And implementing scientific management, persistent quality improvement, to reduce loss and increase profile”. By putting the emphasis on quality management system, our company is improving and strengthening the basis of quality step by step to meet different customer’s requirements. In the meantime, by reinforcing the quality innovation, which base on the construction fo quality culture to foster the consciousness of workers, and by developing satisfactory campaign of ” making perfect products”, Our products win the trust of respected customers.

Quality Policy : 

We value Customers First —  Aim at providing quality products and services to satisfy our customers.

We pursue Quality and Efficiency — Strive for continuous improvement and perfection of the Quality Management System, optimization of resources, reduction of wastage,upgrading of product quality and punctual delivery, etc., for satisfying customers’ requirements.

We persist in Continuous Improvement — Promote team spirit and people involvement, and encourage learning, innovation and pursuit of excellence.

Guaranteed quality is the key to our management of EastPKG’s reputation. 

Within our concept of developing innovation, our mission is to make high-quality paper boxes that customers will be satisfied with.

Improving quality and pursuing excellence and perfection is what we are doing now and will do in future. 

Welcome to EastPKG- a quality-oriented packing brand. 

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