Paper tube boxes are a kind of paper packaging, using paper as raw material, somewhat recyclable for secondary use, good protection, waterproof and moisture-proof, and have a heat insulation effect. Round paper tube boxes are cylindrical and can be used as perfume tube boxes, lip balms tube boxes, poster tube boxes, food tube boxes, wine tube boxes, etc. And the overall appearance of the paper tubes is beautiful and colorful. The structure’s shape is varied and can be an alternative to glass as a packaging material.

Paper-Tubes™ is a manufacturer with nearly 20 years of production experience, providing ODM and OEM services, each one is customized to your specifications and branded with your design. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest production methods to bring your designs to life. Many of our products are made from 100% cardboard and are environmentally-friendly packaging

The smell of perfume is the key to attracting the attention of potential consumers or customers, but the importance of packaging can‘t be ignored. Because perfumes are packaged, many consumers have difficulty judging by the scent when buying online. The first thing customers come into contact with is the perfume packaging box, which will judge the truth of the brand and the value of perfume products through exquisite packaging. 

Custom fragrance boxes should be part of the product plan. And recycled cardboard boxes are natural and eco-friendly, and vaguely show consumers that fragrance products are also natural.

Our most common perfume boxes are rectangular, but we can not ignore Perfume paper tube boxes. It can be made with hot stamping, UV, embossing, debossing, CMYK printing, and other processes to display the packaging to consumers in a creative form. The choice of packaging materials is rich. You can choose cardboard, fancy paper, kraft paper, foil paper, etc. The unique design of perfume packaging will increase the competitiveness of the product.

The short cylinder bottom tube with the high cap tube underneath is the exclusive packaging for the perfume bottle. When the consumer opens the cylinder’s lid, almost the entire perfume bottle is displayed in front of the consumer. We added a circular EVA inner support to the bottom box to hold and protect the perfume glass bottle. The 1mm thick cardboard tube can provide more vital protection for perfume glass bottles than ordinary plastic or cardboard packaging. 

We can provide you with all kinds of customizable paper tube perfume packaging. Please feel free to contact us, and we will be the best partner.

Among cosmetic tube packaging applications, cardboard paper tubes are a popular way for lipstick and lip balm packaging. Compared to plastic or glass lipstick packaging, paperboard tubes have their unique advantages.

First, the cardboard lip balm tube is made from Kraft paper which can be 100% recycled and more environment-friendly than plastic containers. In addition, the paperboard lipstick tubes are open to full-color printing options with any customized artwork printed and can be finished with luxury foil stamping and spot UV, etc. high-end look finish to make your brand lipstick stand out in the competitive cosmetic market, also more attractive to stop-by customers in the store.

Lastly, cardboard lipstick tubes are more cost-effective than plastic lipstick tubes. Even in a small minimum order quantity, you can custom your own branded lipstick cardboard tubes, but it requires a more significant amount to customize a plastic lipstick tube container. All the above benefits of using paperboard tubes can make your lipstick or lip balm at a competitive price for students or low-income consumers. Also, they look beautiful, and people will like them.

Candles can be perfect when it comes to giving lights both during the day and at night. It also is used to create a romantic mood on many occasions. A candle packed in friendly and gorgeous candle packaging can surely catch consumers’ eyes when choosing the candles at the shop and increase sales. So candle makers need to find the proper selection of candle packaging boxes.

A custom cardboard cylinder tube packaging is a good option as a candle holder if you are looking for paperboard candle packaging instead of plastic cans. ​They are very flexible in nature and can be custom-made to fit different finishing styles. How the cardboard tube boxes appear at the end may vary depending on what the customer wants to see.

The candle tube packaging boxes come in different printing designs and personalized sizes to support different candle sizes depending on your specification. First, the cardboard tube packaging for candles can be custom printed with your brand logo and artwork in either a single color on a natural Kraft cardboard surface or full-color printing on a white cardboard tube.

Second, there is some premium finish also available for candle tube packaging, such as hot foil stamping with different color foils like silver and gold foil. You may also like a glossy Spot UV finish on some text writing on a matte black candle tube box to make it looks fantastic.

All these features can quickly be done today with customer service. From the print, finish, and decoration, cardboard tube boxes are the best to consider for candle packing.

Roll up your print and publish your creative vision to your customers! You can rely on kraft paper tubes to deliver your paper art without getting crushed.
An artist’s worst nightmare is if their one-of-a-kind print or poster gets bent or torn when it arrives at the doorstep of their support client. That’s why rolled paper art is ideal for smoother shipping. Insert smaller prints and stationery inside the paper tube packaging to properly protect your artwork! Customers will appreciate your thoughtful packaging, making these inspirations completely original.

Are you sending more than one print or paper artwork? Use non-abrasive paper tape to keep all your artwork rolling! Use stationery tape to hold the ends of your paper art together so that nothing unfolds during the unpacking process. Branding and paper tape with decorative designs or luxury logos will dazzle customers!

custom packaging box

5. Paper tube food packaging boxes

Are you sending more than one print or paper artwork? Use non-abrasive paper tape to keep all your artwork rolling! Use stationery tape to hold the ends of your paper art together so that nothing unfolds The requirements for food-grade packaging are very strict because the packaging is in direct contact with the food. And its food-grade safety requirements are pretty high. We use an aluminum film inside the tube to protect the product from moisture.

We use metal caps on top of paper tube food packaging. Using a metal lid will preserve and keep food dry better than a single paper lid. Each time consumers remove food from the paper tube container. It can be quickly closed. Customers can also choose a plastic cover, wooden cover, aluminum cover, etc. Each style of the lid has its benefits.

For packaging tubes with metal caps, it is best to use food-grade plastic bags for packaging food additives before filling them into these paper tubes. In this way, the inside of the food can be more tightly closed and kept fresh for a long time.

The most common food packaging is tube box packaging, which can be used for candy, chocolate, tea, etc. Choosing customized paper tube food packaging can significantly increase sales because the printed packaging shows the label and coat of the food, which is the first attraction of the consumer’s visual senses. The custom paper tube packaging we can provide you is very high quality.

The packaging style presented is only a tiny part of our custom products. We can provide you with more custom tube packaging solutions during the unpacking process. Branding and paper tape with decorative designs or luxury logos will dazzle customers!

6. Wine paper tube boxes packging

Cardboard tube packaging for wine bottle packaging is a very popular option. When it comes to packaging for wine and spirits, there are many options. There are also high-grade cardboard boxes and luxury wooden boxes of well-built wine brands. These packages usually serve exclusive customers.

As the market in the spirits and beverages industry is very competitive, in order to gain more market share, not only quality wines but also beautifully designed and unique packaging is required to stand out from the competition and attract potential customers when they shop. Attention wine, especially if they want to buy a bottle of wine as a gift.

The uniquely designed wine packaging is something they cannot refuse. The round cylinder cardboard tube packaging is perfect for packing around wine bottles and also because they are made of 100% recyclable kraft paper, they can enhance your brand image as an eco-friendly wine brand.

They can also be customized with different features and finishes, making it easy for your wine product to stand out from the marketplace of Flush wine brand choices.

Tube box structure

Paper Tube shape

Three-piece tube box: Also called card Butt Jointed Tubes. It features an inner tube, called a fixture, exposed from either the lid or the base. When assembled, this gives the tube a flush finish.

Two-piece tube box: Also call telescopic cardboard tubes. Our Telescopic cardboard tubes feature an easy-to-open sliding design. The base tube is slightly smaller, allowing the lid to slip over the base.

One Piece card tube with metal or plastic lid: Our one-piece card tubes contain an all-card base and a metal or plastic cover to select from. Because the lids are detachable, these tubes are recyclable.

Push-up cardboard tubes: These cardboard tubes are lined with fully recyclable greaseproof paper, making them oil resistant and suitable for hot filling. They are suitable eco-friendly alternatives to items such as deodorant, lip balm, massage cream, wax, and lipstick.

Composite paper tube box: Composite paper tube box is a composite material made of paper and aluminum foil. The bottom of the combined paper can is generally made of tinplate. The top cover is made of metal easy-open cover or aluminum foil easy-tear cover, with excellent sealing performance.

Paper-Tubes™ is a professional tube box packaging manufacturer with a large factory and a complete team of experts to provide you with the best tube packaging. The corrugated paper, kraft paper, and cardboard tube box packaging we provide is widely used as product packaging by a wide range of industries and many brands of cosmetics, food, clothing, electronics, and essential oils to create more added value.

The customized cylindrical box packaging with the brand logo and name is essential for selling the product and is an extension of the product and its brand label. Different styles of customized packaging, showing the details of the product according to the development and user needs, play an essential role in marketing. The unique packaging structure design improves the experience of consumers when they open the package; the creative packaging design can impress consumers, promote your brand spontaneously, and provide sound advertising effects.

We improve all your custom tube box packaging, maintaining the pursuit of the highest quality, only to enrich the packaging and increase the added value of your brand.

Our customized round box packaging can use different printing processes such as hot stamping, hot silver, UV, convex, embossing, U powder, etc. to ensure the uniqueness and diversity of the packaging. As a professional packaging manufacturer, we have hundreds of packaging materials to choose from, including special papers such as ordinary copper paper, cardboard, kraft paper, laser paper, gold cardboard, granular paper, and leather paper.

A variety of printing processes and raw material sample catalogs can provide the best reference for your custom tube box packaging, ensuring that your custom packaging is value for money.

Professional custom tube box packaging knowledge allows us to provide you with the most professional service. All services are free. We will solve any packaging problems online 24 hours a day, provide professional packaging design for free to improve service, and efficiently proofing within 2 hours. Suppose you are unfamiliar with freight forwarding or need gift box packaging such as stickers, ribbons, etc., as additional services.

In that case, we can also help you purchase at zero service fee, providing you with an excellent one-stop shopping experience.

You get more than just high-quality tubular packaging, better service, better product experience through improved packaging, and higher added value.