What Is A Custom Paper Tube?

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2 Today, Let’s talk about what is a custom paper tube.

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Today, Let’s talk about what is a custom paper tube.

Paper tubes, also known as cardboard tubes, are made of white craft paper or brown craft paper coated with art paper or fancy paper outside. They can be designed with a paper cover and metal lid. The paper cover can be made with a curling edge and a flat edge. Storage containers with positioning properties for reliable packaging.

We are a manufacturer of custom paper tubes & Cardboard Tubes in China. Total Custom Packaging Box to get your Dream Printed Tubes From Product Structure, Design, Sample, and Mass Production to Worthy of your Brand.

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Black Tube Box | White Craft Paper Container | Brown Kraft Paper Tubes

Our tube packaging is used by artisans and manufacturers as well as advertising agencies for cosmetics, fragrances, beauty products, candles, clothing, electronics, wine, food, coffee and tea, and other luxury consumer goods. Paper tubes with your company logo or branding are an effective means of getting the product into the hands of customers and enhancing the unboxing experience.

Our range of stocked and custom cardboard tubes is ideal for cosmetic retail packaging, vape and e-juice packaging, T-shirt packaging, creative coffee and tea storage containers, candle tube packaging, and other luxury displays.

Made from heavy-duty cardboard and available in a variety of premium finishes, these custom paper tubes grab consumer attention on retail shelves and withstand the rigors of mail and package sorting processes without breaking a sweat. Their thick, indestructible walls also make them resistant to crushing, protecting your product from damage.

Our custom paper tubes can be produced with hot stamping, UV, lamination, embossing, and printed labels, so your packaging has a bespoke feel that differentiates your business and sets you apart from the competition.

We create fully custom tubes, including custom sizes to fit almost any product – from small perfume bottles and IoT devices to XXL t-shirts, posters, and wine bottles. Upgrade to custom cardboard tube packaging to enhance your product experience.

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Lip Blam Tube Supplier

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Paper Tube Packaging Factory

Manufacturing Process:

Wood pulp base is the most common material used to manufacture paper tubes. Fibreboard, cardboard, and Kraft paper are the preferred wood pulp bases for this purpose. In the first stage of the manufacturing process, paper is processed into these paper containers.

After the paper has been processed, glue is applied to it to hold the several layers of paper together. The gluing process is important as it ensures the strength and durability of the paper tubes.

If the adhesive is not applied correctly, the paper layers may come off, which can cause the tube to fall apart.

The next process is to feed the paper rolls into the machine for winding. These rolls wrap themselves around a cylindrical bar, thus providing the tube with the desired shape. In this process, the strength of the paper tube is further increased.

These tubes are then sent to the cutting machine. A knife or saw is used to cut the paper tube cleanly.

The distance of the knives can be adjusted to cut the required length of the paper tube. If longer paper tubes need to be manufactured, the knives are spaced further apart.

Considerations and Customization

When designing a custom paper tube, manufacturers think about factors such as the function, the desired level of protection, the desired length and width, and other customer specifications. These considerations help manufacturers decide the structure thickness, level of strength, and general dimensions. For example, manufacturers always choose thicker cardboard for storage, mailing, and transporting fragile items. They carefully select the correct dimension for you in order to minimize how much the products move around while inside the tube. (Note: Despite the wide variety available, in order to ensure structural integrity, paper tubes are generally no longer than 48 inches, approximately 122 cm, in length.)

In addition, tube suppliers can customize tubes with additions such as decorative foil or paper coatings, product information and/or logos printed on the outside of the tube, and different colors, designs, and patterns. The latter is common with gift packaging and holiday-themed postal tubes.

Paper Tube Features

Paper tubes, commonly referred to as cardboard tubes, are cylinder-shaped cardboard tubes.

Cardboard tubes are made up of multiple layers of paper or paperboard that are coiled together to form a tough, hollow, and cylindrical shape. Adhesives are used to laminate or glue the paper layers together. Paper tubes are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Paper tubes are made from wood pulp in the form of recycled paper, paperboard, paper-adhesive composites, cardboard, Kraft paper, waterproof/water-resistant cardboard, and fiberboard.

Both of the shipping tube’s ends are sealed with a plastic plug for postal and transportation purposes, especially for scientific or medical products, or confidential documents. Both ends may be sealed, or they may fold in and close. To formally classify the tube, manufacturers measure the interior dimensions, the thickness of the tube’s wall, and the closing spaces at either end.

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Cosmetic Cardboard Tube Box

Type of paper tubes

  1. Paper cans by industry classification

According to the industry classification, paper cans can be divided into food paper cans, gift paper cans, cosmetics paper cans, electronic products paper cans, toys paper cans, and so on. Among them, paper cans in the food industry are more commonly used, such as candy, chips, biscuits, coffee, tea, milk powder, rice flour, sugar, salt, and other solid food, as well as milk, drinks, and other liquid food.

With the development of paper can packaging, more and more consumers recognize the advantages of paper can packaging, so the paper can market demand continues to rise, many businesses also see this market prospect, so boldly try to apply it to more industries, such as gifts, cosmetics, electronic products and so on, the experiment proved the correctness of their choice. Want to win the market, not only to have to insist on doing quality care, but also to have the courage to innovate.

Nowadays, the market situation of paper can packaging, we can see for all to see, with the severe form of environmental protection and the introduction of some national environmental protection policies, paper can packaging has the advantage of development, with a broader development prospect.

  1. Paper cans by structural function classification

According to the structure of the functional classification, paper cans can be classified as all paper cans, composite paper cans, nitrogen-filled sealed paper cans, metal cover paper cans, etc., these types of paper cans we also better understand. All paper cans are made of paper, the advantage of these cans is that they are safer and lighter in weight, but the sealability is relatively poor. Composite paper cans are made of paper and other materials: such as aluminum foil, metal, and other composites, while nitrogen-filled sealed paper cans are to ensure that the state of the nitrogen-filled seal, remains intact, more resistant to pressure, metal lid paper cans are paper cans in addition to the lid is metal, the other parts are all paper, the latter three paper cans have a good seal, can play a waterproof, moisture-proof effect.

Custom Paper Tube Packaging Dimensions Ranges

We produce your custom paper tubes in the exact size you need within the following ranges:

Inner Diameter: 6mm – 620mm (0.24’’–24.4’’)

Inner Height: 10mm – 1200mm (0.39’’–47.2’’)

Tube Thickness: 1mm – 15mm (0.039’’–0.59’’)

The sizes we show correspond to the interior dimensions. Depending on your tube’s application, you may want to add some clearance to each side to make sure your products fit perfectly.

Material of our custom cardboard tube

Strong and Hard

Our custom Cardboard tubes are made of hard and recycled paper. All our paper tube designs are made with great structural integrity.

Custom Paper Tube Packaging Material

The material of cardboard tubes are made of three parts; Coating paper outside; paperboard core; paper liner;

Paperboard core options:

– White paperboard core

– Kraft paperboard core

– Black paperboard core

Coating paper outside options:

– Art paper

– Craft paper

– Special art paper

– Foil paper (gold/silver paper)

The paper liner inside options:

– White coated paper liner

– Kraft paper liner

– Oil resistant paper liner

– Food grade aluminum foil liner

– Food grade paper liner

Customized Printing & Finishing for Tube Boxes


Offset printing: Offset printing is the highest quality printing option available, offering exceptionally crisp details of any design. Popular for the finishing capabilities and vibrant color output, offset printing is ideal for creating retail and luxury packaging.

UV printing: Using ultraviolet light to cure inks, UV printing is very popular for a wide range of retail and luxury packaging applications. UV printing leaves packaging looking glossy and high quality adding value to any product packaging.


Aqueous Coating: Popular for being fast drying and creating surfaces that are soft to the touch, aqueous coatings are water-based and make for a great eco-friendly coating alternative for a range of packaging materials.

UV coating: Cured by exposure to ultraviolet light, UV coatings are fast drying and provide the highest quality gloss or matte finishes available. Ideal for improving surface durability, UV coatings are popular for creating luxury packaging and shelf-ready packaging.

Spot Gloss UV: UV coating is applied to specified areas to create unique and eye-catching designs. Ideal for enriching text or designs, spot UV coatings are commonly used to create packaging bursting with shelf impact.

Soft Touch Coating: Popular for their velvety finish, soft-touch coatings are fast drying and fingerprint resistant, making them ideal for communicating luxury and elegance.

Apart from environmental benefits, using paper tubes makes sense for businesses in several other ways.

Varnish: A cost-effective alternative to coatings, the varnish is applied the same way CMYK inks are applied and provides a glossy, matte, or satin finish to enhance your branding and artwork designs.

Advantages of paper tube Packaging

Lightweight and flexible

Paper tubes are lightweight, flexible, and have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Paper packaging tubes are designed to secure the contents while being lightweight, which lowers the transportation expenses. Heavy-duty paperboard tubes are durable, making them ideal packaging for high-impact mailings. It is a flexible and lightweight packaging method suitable for a variety of products.

Brand promotion

Paper tubes also provide an opportunity for distinctive branding and personalization by giving a surface on which to display corporate labels and stunning designs, resulting in iconic packaging and quick brand identification. Paper tube manufacturers provide customers with numerous paper tube package design combinations. They also provide customized paper tube packaging for a range of consumer, industrial, medical, and government markets. Custom paper tube packaging can be made using eco-friendly materials. They can be customized to fit your product and reflect your brand. Most good manufacturers use premium paper tube material for their high-end, quality-crafted products that will get you noticed by customers. Cardboard is also used to make load-bearing construction tubes, such as those used for concrete columns, making it simple to cut to the right length. The more weight a tube can support, the thicker it is.


The functional design of paper tubes ensures that customers can easily open the package. Their thin and circular shapes make them a convenient option to store things, which is a significant reason for their growing demand. They are also popular among customers as a raw material that comes in handy in making various DIY products such as drawer organizers, art bottles, and wire organizers.

Infinite Possibilities:

Along with helping the paper tubes you use to match your brand, we’re also happy to design the tubes to match your specifications. We understand the many different uses that paper tubes have, but you may need a certain size or thickness that we don’t usually offer.

We have a Research and Development department dedicated to helping people like you, whose needs aren’t met by the current paper tubes available on the market. We’ll take all of your needs into consideration in order to create the perfect paper tube for you. The best part is, once the tube has been designed, you can order it over and over again without having to worry about more R&D.

Are you looking for recycled paper tubes for packaging?

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