Paper Lip Balm Tube & Container Wholesale & Supplier in China

Paper-Tubes™ is producing different Designs Empty Lip Balm Tube & Essential Oil Custom Tube Box, Eco Friendly Empty Paper Lip Balm Container / Lipstick Container Tube with Custom Printing.

Lip Balm Tubes are perfect for Packaging Lip Balms and Solid Perfume, They are becoming more and more popular in Cosmetic Industry now.

lip balm tube

Lip Balm Tube

paper lip balm tube factory

Paper Lip Balm Tube Factory

What is a Lip Balm Tubes?

Lip balm tubes are one of the most popular types of lip balm packaging. Lip balm users can often twist a portion of these tubes to raise and lower a solid stick of lip balm.

This can then be rubbed directly onto the lips. A cap can be clipped onto the top of the tube to protect the lip balm from dirt and debris.

To fill them with product either use a small beaker to fill each tube individually or place tubes in a lip tube filling tray to fill many at once. Some lip tubes come with the tube and cap while others are sold separately.

lip balm tubes

Paper Tube Manufacturer

lipstick container tube

Lipstick Container Tube

lip tube box manufacturer

Lip Tube Box Manufacturer

lip blam tube supplier

Lip Blam Tube Supplier

Our Cardboard Paper Cosmetic Packaging Tubes are a popular choice for lipsticks and lip balms.

As a Professional Factory & Manufacturer, We are trying to move forward with the world’s best Custom Packaging Solutions. More than just a pretty Packaging Tube.

Because the tubes are made of paperboard, they also have more customization options than plastic lipstick tube containers and can be printed in a variety of ways and colors or embellished with hot foil stamping or UV spot printing to create beautifully branded lipstick cardboard tubes

Custom Packaging Tubes means taking full control of the protection, from color tubes to spool and reel cores, presentation, and quality of your products. They have a variety of sizes in height and diameter that will allow your brand to have a significant presence on the retail shelf.

These materials also make the cardboard lipstick tubes much more cost-effective than other packaging, even with full artwork and embellishments.

Made of 100% recyclable materials, these cardboard lip balm and tube boxes are much more eco-friendly and sustainable than plastic, metal, or even virgin white paper applicators.

We also make Customizable perfume paper tube packaging solutions. Our factory provides high-quality white paper tubes for holding perfume glass bottles which will bring you more selling.

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