With the improvement of people’s living standards, the little partners also pay more and more attention to health, so everyone prefers some tea drinks. We should also pay attention to the storage of tea, so as to ensure that the taste of tea is not affected. So, is tea better in paper cans or tin cans?

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At present, most households store tea mainly in paper cans and iron cans. As to which one is better, we may not have done much research, but we must pay attention to the taboos of preserving tea: moisture, high temperature, sunlight, any of which Failure to meet a condition will affect the quality of tea, and ultimately affect the color, aroma and taste of tea.
One of the taboos of preserving tea is moisture. Tea is a loose and porous hydrophilic substance with strong hygroscopicity. When the tea is wet, it will cause mold. If the temperature is suitable, it will also breed mold and mold spots on the tea, which will cause the tea to deteriorate. Paper cans are water- and moisture-proof, and have good airtightness, which can effectively prevent tea from getting wet.

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Another taboo for preserving tea is high temperature. Tea is stored in a high-temperature environment for a long time, and amino acids, sugars, vitamins, and the like in the tea will be decomposed and destroyed, affecting the taste and aroma of the tea. Paper cans, as paper packaging, have a good thermal insulation effect, which can avoid the irritation of tea leaves by high temperatures.
Another taboo for preserving tea is sunlight. After tea is exposed to sunlight, it will promote the oxidation of tea pigments and esters, and its internal substances undergo a chemical reaction that affects the quality of tea. Preserving tea leaves in paper cans can have a good effect of avoiding light, and can prevent the deterioration of tea leaves caused by sunlight.

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After reading the introduction above, I have to say that it is really better to use tea cans to preserve tea. What are you waiting for, put your own tea leaves in paper cans!