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How can Cosmetic & Personal Care Paper Tubes make you fashionable?

With the improvement of people’s consumption level and the enhancement of consumption capacity, the production and sales of cosmetics for the purpose of keeping the human body clean, health care, and beauty have achieved unprecedented development, and competition has become increasingly fierce. It’s just that the quality of the product must not only win but the shape and color of the package must also attract the attention of consumers.

As a leader in the packaging industry, suppliers and entrepreneurs count on our unparalleled quality and commitment to excellence to deliver the finest packaging available. Our wide variety of customizable paper tubes provides the flexibility to create packaging that fits your cosmetic product and elevates your brand. Using recyclable packaging also aids in aligning your product with today’s environmentally responsible buyers.

Our account managers work with each customer to design a package that is unique and customized to their needs. Once production starts, all of our packagings is inspected at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards. Our commitment to excellence leads to long-lasting relationships with our customers

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Customization Advantages

1, Full inspection process

Ensure foolproof quality Each production line is equipped with online quality inspection personnel,
Each production line is checked one by one to ensure that each product is of High Quality

2, Fully framed trademark

Fully framed trademark Refuse to blister refuse to open Toy paper cans are fully coated with water glue,

The product will not be foamed at the joint due to semi-mounting, and the water glue will not open due to heat.

At present, the counterparts basically use semi-mounting or hot-melt glue, which makes the product quality Irreversible impact

3, Automatic Labeling

Precision control

Fully automatic labeling machine positioning, labeling error increased from ± 2mm to ± 0.2mm, automatic dryer temperature stable, easy to control product accuracy

4, High Quality Raw materials

Details highlight quality
High solid content glue to improve axial crushing force Sun Paper White Cardboard, American Imported Cardboard

5, Large Inner Diameter

Customizable inner diameters range from φ2CM to φ35Cm, The diameter and length of the paper tube can be customized according to customer‘ requirements

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