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Wholesale Food Grade Cylinders Supplier that specializes in manufacturing Paper Tubes & Paper Cans for Coffee, Tea, Beans, Potato Chips, Powders, and so on.

Food Grade Cylinders Option

Paper-Tubes™ offers a large custom Food Grade Cylinder Tube Box packaging that will have your customers coming for more.

The food industry is its own entity with unlimited flavor possibilities. Enhance the food experience with food packing tube boxes designed to store your products safely and increase your appetite with quality printed artwork

Our use of sustainable packaging translates into multiple benefits for our customers. Eco-friendly materials convey a commitment to the environment, a focus on reducing waste, and often serves to elevate a brand in the eyes of ‘green’ buyers. All of the recycled fiber paper that makes up our tubes are 100% recycled.

The tightness of cylindrical paper tubes is unimaginable. Composite paper tubes are made of paper and aluminum foil paper. They have good sealing properties and are waterproof and moisture-proof. They can meet the sealing requirements of the product. Especially in the food industry, there is no need to worry about the poor sealing of paper cans, which affects the food. Shelf life.

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