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Cardboards Tubes Manufacturer in China, Supply Custom Paper Tubes & Printed Tube Boxes, Fully customizable packaging with dedicated services from our experts to move forward with the world’s best paper tubes. At Paper-Tubes™, we aim to go beyond simple with Custom Printing Tubes for your brand.

Customizable from the inside out, every custom printed paper tube boxes we created are made just for you

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Custom Cardboard Tubes Factory

printed cardboard tubes

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Cardboard Tubes Packaging

What Is A Custom Cardboard Tube Container Smart for Your Business?

Luxury Custom packaging boxes offer your brand a huge competitive advantage! Paper-Tubes™ has an entire library of high-end custom boxes that can protect your product while adding value to your brand.

Start Your Lovely Printed Tube Boxes From Our Paper Tube Company & Factory

We have created the world’s best packaging solutions that are easier and more accessible to anyone from anywhere.

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What is a Custom Cardboard Tube / Paper Tube?

Also known as a Paper Can or Paper Tube, this type of packaging can be used for many purposes.

Typical paper tube applications include shipping and mailing, cartridge fabrication, crafts, concrete pillar construction, structural support (posters, paper towels, etc.), storage (documents, art, food, etc.), and gardening pots

design paper tube with plastic cover

Design Paper Tube with Plastic Cover

design paper tube with ribbon handle

Design Paper Tube with ribbon handle

Custom cardboard tube packaging is made by rolling and gluing 100% recycled raw kraft paper onto tubes with metal molds of different diameters, and after the glue in the tubes has dried, they are cut to the specific lengths required by the customer. Thus, both tube diameter and tube length can be customized to fit any product you want to package according to your specifications. The tube can be laminated with a layer of aluminum foil inside as a food-safe packaging tube box. Many other customization options are available, such as inserts, lids, etc.

It allows you to make sure your packaging fits your product perfectly, while also allowing you to add personal touches to create a strong brand narrative and ultimately boost your sales

Purchase convolute tubes in a variety of colors and a wide range of sizes, with different inner diameters, lengths, and thicknesses.

Paper-Tubes™ Factory is a High-Quality Paper Tubes Supplier. Start to make your Custom Perfume Paper tube & Fragrance Cardboard Box Here!

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