As a kind of paper packaging, cylindrical paper cans have attracted much attention in the modern packaging industry, attracting more and more industry attention. The reason why cylindrical paper cans are accepted and recognized is due to the inherent advantages and characteristics of paper can packaging. Below I will introduce to you the exciting moments brought by the cylinder paper can packaging

paper tube with metal cover

With the development of the cylinder paper can packaging industry, it is now widely used in packaging for many industries such as food, cosmetics, gifts, daily chemicals, pet food, and electronic products, and has won a good reputation in the packaging industry, thereby helping product realization Better marketing.
As we all know, the food industry has stricter requirements on packaging. It must not only ensure the packaging safety, but also have a good seal. Junxing Yimei cylindrical paper cans use food-grade white cardboard. The raw materials are relatively safer and healthier. Together with the exquisite manufacturing process, it can achieve excellent sealability, play a waterproof and moisture-proof effect, and ensure food safety.

Paper composite can

In addition, the packaging structure of cylindrical paper cans is complex, and the advantages of paper cans can be used to realize some differentiated and personalized structural packaging solutions. Together with special printing processes such as stamping, bumping, offset printing, lamination, and UV, the colors are richer , The packaging display form is more beautiful, attracts consumers’ attention, and enhances the market competitiveness of the product.
In recent years, cylindrical paper can packaging has become popular among the packaging industry, and its application range is also expanding. As the market competition becomes more and more intense, paper can packaging will usher in better development space.