What is a custom printed paper tube? Most products will be printed with their own logo and artwork with some product images and descriptions. To attract customers’ attention and promote their brand. Custom offset printing is the most popular method of packaging for retail products, and almost any artwork design can be printed on the box. In addition, other special finishes can be done to enhance the appearance of the package and make your product stand out. Foil stamping and spot UV can create a luxurious look. Use these special finishes in your packaging to make your tubes look beautiful.

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Printed paper tube with plastic cover

Custom printed paper tubes for different applications

  1. Printing Cylinder Cosmetic & Perfume Box with Insert

Make your products stand out with our luxurious and elegant custom printing paper tube boxes. Custom fashion printing round-shaped cosmetic&perfume tube boxes help create a high-end luxury look and feel. Hot stamping, UV, embossing, debossing, CMYK, Pantone printing, and other processes are available to show the packaging to consumers in creative form. While keeping your glass perfume bottles safe with the included custom EVA insert.

2. Custom Printed Wine Tube

Wine paper tubes maximize the life of the wine in the bottle by protecting the bottle from temperature fluctuations. Also, increase your sales by using unique paper packaging options to customize your wine&sprist tube boxes with your strong brand identity. EASTPKG offers a wide range of options to create bespoke wine boxes.

From different paper styles such as kraft paper, art paper, and fancy paper that can be wrapped around the box to coating options, such as matte and glossy lamination, finishing options, such as silver/gold stamping, UV spot, etc. You can give your wine container a unique look that matches your brand identity. Order a cylinder box with your choice of paper packaging and get ready to create a buzz for your brand.

3, Feed your Appetite with Printed Food-Grade Paper Tube

 Eastpkg offers food paper tubes, such as round cake containers, nut containers, coffee cups, soup containers, paper bowls, etc. Using safe Food-Grade material and guaranteed to be of high quality and durability for all your packaging needs.

Paperboard is the most versatile high-quality printing and finishing for your artwork design. With the structural design features of this product and the endless artwork design opportunities.

Kraft cardboard will provide no food-grade coating, as it is produced without the use of toxic chemicals that could harm your customers. It’s recommended that a wax coating be added to prevent spillage.

A food-safe PE coating paper is offered and recommended for white cardboard, as toxic chemicals are used in the production of white cardboard that could harm your customers.

4. Light Up the World with Custom Printed Candle Packaging Tube

 Eastpkg focus on developing beautifully structured custom-printed candle paper tubes that are made with high-quality materials to hold your candles securely. We have many candle paper tube packaging ideas to suit you, as well as opportunities for you to create your own unique candle tube boxes at cost-effective prices. From outside packaging to custom inserts, we have everything you need for custom designs.

5, Custom Printed Lip balm Paper tube

Eastpkg provides lipstick paper tubes with different structures for you to choose from, lip balm twisted paper tubes, and push-up paper tubes.

Lip balm twisted paper tube is a combined packaging solution of paper (outside) and plastic (inside). Push-up tubes can be both lipstick tubes and deodorant push-up tubes. The push-up paper tube inside is oil-resistant paper and plastic free. The bottom of the tube is a smooth-moving disc.

You can choose different paper materials to make lipstick tubes, kraft paper tubes, white cardboard tubes, or black paper tubes, etc. It is possible to print the surface of the tube with your exclusive printing design. In addition, the surface can be decorated in many ways. Hot stamping of logos, UV treatment of printed surface patterns, etc. makes the lipstick tubes look more colorful.

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