The Most Details knowledge about Custom Paper Tubes

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As a professional manufacturer of custom paper tubes, Today, We would like to share the most detailed knowledge about cardboard cylindrical tube packaging.

You can easily see the difference and find the best custom tube option to package your application, as we offer a variety of customization options from tube structures, tube shells, and tube inserts to tube printing and finishing for other packaging requirements.

Advantages and uses of paper tube packaging 

The round, cylindrical tube shape has the advantage of being suitable for round bottles, cans & jars, and vials better than other types of rectangular paper boxes. Custom paper tube packaging with lids is suitable for many applications. They are ideal for packaging small glass bottles, such as hemp oil bottles, CBD oil bottles, vape bottles, and cosmetic essential oil packaging such as oil bottles or beard jars.

Large paper tubes are also good packaging material for glass wine bottles. Cylindrical kraft cardboard tubes are also commonly used as T-shirt packaging, and coffee and tea containers, they are also a good choice as candle packaging. These cylindrical cardboard tubes are made of durable cardboard from sturdy kraft paper, have indestructible 2mm thick walls, and are crush-resistant and warp-free to help keep your packaged products safe. Safe, sturdy inside, and can be used as a shipping tube or mailbox. Can protect the goods inside during transportation.

Different printing and finishing of custom paper tube boxes

Custom printed tube boxes are made by wrapping  custom printed art paper onto plain Kraft paper tubes on the outside, this is the artwork you see on the round tubes, they are not printed directly on the tube, they are actually wrapped with printed paper.

Except for full-color printed artwork, we can apply some premium finishes such as hot stamping with gold or silver foil and other colored foils. Spot UV rays are also a popular way to enhance the printing effect of your artwork on tubes to attract consumer attention when these custom-printed tube packaging package your goods on retail shelves. If you want to keep costs down, you can also choose to buy pre-made plain Kraft paper tubes and put your own personalized labels on them.

Plain tubes are available in Kraft paper, white and black. However, we strongly recommend that you make your own custom cardboard tubes for your products to promote your brand and help consumers easily recognize your brand in the future at the cost of custom tube packaging. Adjusted slightly higher than normal pipes.

Custom cardboard tubes have different opening edges

Difference between the opening edges of rolled and unrolled cardboard tube packaging. The unit price of these two types of open edge machined pipes is quite similar, you can choose which type is most suitable for you.

Composite paper can introduction

At present, there are two kinds of paper cans commonly used in the market: sealed paper cans and non-sealed paper cans. Non-sealed paper cans are basically made of paper, which is more in line with the energy-saving and environmental protection concept advocated by the whole society.

The sealed paper can has excellent sealing property and high barrier property, which can play a waterproof and moisture-proof effect. It is generally used directly to contain high demand products such as food. Sealed paper cans are usually made of composite materials such as paper and aluminum foil, also known as composite paper cans.

Nowadays, the excellent sealing of composite paper cans has been recognized by the market, especially by the snack food industry, which meets the sealing needs of many food packaging. Dongguan Fenggang Hongsheng paper Products factory can customize various specifications of paper cans.

The application of paper tube boxes

At present, can packaging is more common in our daily life, especially under the development trend of global packaging with paper instead of plastic, paper cans have received the attention and favor of the market. The barrel body is mostly made of composite materials such as paper and aluminum foil, which has a good waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-oxidation effect.

At this stage, the application of paper cans (paper cans) in the food packaging industry is very successful: the sealing and non-toxic environmental performance of paper cans are very suitable for the packaging requirements of the food industry. In particular, potato chips, nuts, tea, chicken essence condiments, and other foods have been widely used.

paper tube making

The design process of custom printed paper tubes

Now all kinds of products are used in packaging cans, a large part of which are beautifully designed paper tubes or paper cans, the following to introduce the design process of paper tubes:

  1. First of all, we must understand the size and shape of the product, the use of the product, and whether the product packaging has special requirements (such as anti-counterfeiting, special materials, etc.).
  1. Use the design software to design the shape and structure of the paper tube and the advertising pictures and advertising words used in the appearance.
  1. After the design effect drawing is confirmed by the merchant, the film and printing samples can be produced.
  1. Select qualified paper products (for example, food packaging must use food-grade raw materials) to produce paper tubes or paper cans.

The above is the conventional design and production process of paper tubes.

Labelling Paper requirements for food grade paper cans

  1. The glue used for labeling paper needs to be food-grade and cannot contain ingredients that are harmful to the human body.
  1. The printing of qualified standard paper shall not be blurred, the font is skewed, there is no double color, and the color error is not faded. The standard is based on the sample of “paper tube outer standard paper”.
  1. The label paper must align with the line. The line is out of alignment by 0.5mm. The label paper must be close to the paper tube, and the roll cover must be wrinkle-free and froth-free. The surface is flat, not dirty, with no bulge, or bubbling phenomenon, the smooth surface of the blank tube is aligned with the front of the label paper.
  1. The width of the edge glue of the brush label paper is within 2-5mm, the brush glue is uniform, no leakage phenomenon, the glue is not opened after bonding, the surface has no glue marks, and the direction of the adhesion is correct.
  1. The top and bottom cover of the label paper is not higher than 0.5mm paper can, and the end of the paper should be flat.
  1. The labeling paper for the whole paper can should be 0.5-1.5mm higher than the paper tube.

Environmental requirements for food paper tubes and cans

Paper tubes and paper cans are now widely used in the packaging of all walks of life, and the application of tea, food and other industries is very much. The cleanliness and safety of food will directly affect people’s health and naturally can not be careless.

There are strict requirements for packaging materials and production conditions for food. And our production enterprises not only to meet the relevant requirements of the state. It is also necessary to ensure that the materials and auxiliary materials such as glue required for the production of paper tubes and paper cans must meet the requirements of food production. In addition, the following requirements for the production environment should be noted:

  1. The paper tube is easy to be damp, which will affect the compressive strength of the carton. And paper cans are flammable. Therefore, it is generally required that the production environment temperature of the carton does not exceed 33 ° C, and the air humidity should not exceed 45%.
  1. Hygiene requirements. There should be no harmful gases, smoke, dust, radioactive substances, or other diffuse pollution sources around the enterprise. The sanitary conditions of the factory area, production and processing workshops, raw and auxiliary materials and finished products, storage and transportation tools, and the environmental protection measures of the enterprise shall meet the requirements stipulated by the State.

Paper Tube quality identification skills

The paper can factory teaches you simple quality identification techniques. Because the purchase of professional testing or testing equipment is generally not used, here we introduce to you is through the appearance, smell and other ways to intuitively distinguish product quality.

1, Look: First look at whether the appearance is smooth and bright. Paper cans are all paper products, which will return moisture and mildew when they are not transported and stored. So the first thing to see is that the appearance is smooth and bright and there is no mildew.

  1. Smell: Glue is used in the manufacture of paper cans and tubes. The smell of glue directly shows the quality of the glue, good glue should be organic glue, the smell is not pungent, if the taste of the paper tube is very pungent, it is said that the quality of gelatin is not good, which not only affects the tightness of the paper tube but also makes your goods attached with odor.
  1. Press: the paper tube is relatively tight, and it will not disperse when the goods are rolled off and affect the rolling off of the goods, so it is necessary to test the tightness of the paper tube by hand at the time of selection.

Quality requirement for cutting pipe of paper tubes & cans

  1. the incision is not silk, flat, and smooth, do not allow double knife and edge roll.

2, the incision must be round, both ends cut and perpendicular to the axis.

3, no scratches on the internal and external surfaces, clean without stains.

  1. The length error is ±5mm

Drying requirements for paper cans and tubes

  1.  must be clean, effective time 4-8h, moisture between 13%-16%.
  2. no deformation, no bending, the paper can be placed on the horizontal plane rotation, the gap between the paper can and the plane is less than 5mm, can not exceed 0.4mm per meter.

Quality requirements for paper tubes in our factory

What kind of paper cans can be considered a qualified product? The following Hongsheng company to introduce some basic requirements:

  1. Clean inside and outside, with no oil stains, dust or other dirt.
  2. The whole body is smooth without mechanical damage, no wrinkles, no opening, waterproof paint evenly applied, no leakage, no bubbles, no obvious flow.
  3. The barrel hoop is welded firmly and smoothly, without burning through or virtual welding, without obvious rust, peeling or cracking.
  1. The closure device is firmly connected and flexibly opened, and the lid and bottom of the barrel are well closed after closure.
  2. Galvanized or painted barrel hooped, closure should be bright, without falling off.
  3. When printing pictures on the barrel body, it should be clear, uniform, firmly attached, and with no ink running.

Standard for the determination of paper tubes and cans

GB/T 21244-2007 Paper core National Quality Supervision, Inspection and quarantine 2008-09-01 paper tube can determination standard is the main basis for the current determination, the determination contains the following content:

  1. Sample taking
  2. Temperature and humidity treatment of the sample
  3. Determination of moisture content
  4. Measurement of size
  5. Determination of coaxial rotation characteristics
  1. Measurement of bending strength
  2. Determination of elastic modulus
  3. Measurement of natural frequency and elastic modulus
  4. Determination of flat pressing strength
paper tube wrapping machine

Equipment for the production of paper tubes

Modern production is based on machines, especially in recent years due to the shortage of manpower, labor costs have increased significantly, the state vigorously advocates automated production, reduce labor costs. The production of paper tubes and paper cans is also inseparable from automated mechanical production.

  1. Paper can bending machine,
  2. Fine cutting machine,
  3. High-speed pipe cutting machine,
  4. Paper tube capping machine,
  5. Automatic labeling machine,
  6. Sealing machine,
  7. Winding machine,
  8. Drying machine,
  9. Flanging, grinding machine, and so on.

How to control the paper tube quality in typhoon weather

As a paper tube and paper can manufacturer, we should pay attention to the following points in typhoon weather:

  1. Try to restrict employees to go out in extremely dangerous weather to avoid danger.

Why did the bottom cover of the paper fall off? 

Paper cans and paper tubes are more likely to be fixed at the bottom using glue or bottom forming processes than traditional iron and wood cans. So it will be lower in terms of firmness and force. But as long as the factory strictly controls the quality of the production of paper cans. Can also avoid this problem. Let’s analyze how to avoid falling off:

  1. During the production of paper cans and paper drums, the connection between the drum body and the bottom of the drum is mainly completed by the bottom sealing forming process, so the operation of the equipment forming the bottom sealing will affect the overall quality of the drum.

For the operation of the equipment, the change of the size of each part of the bottom sealing mold should be checked frequently, because the vertical plane of the locking ring die is prone to deviation when the mold closes the bottom of the paper bucket. The combination of the bottom of the paper bucket is not tight, which affects the degree of coincidence between the bottom of the bucket and the barrel body.

  1. When the bottom cover of the paper bucket is made of plywood, the thickness of the selected plywood is not uniform, and most of the thickness does not meet the national standard. In addition, the bonding strength between the plywood layer and the layer is low, easy to be separated from the barrel body, and the dimensional tolerance of the plywood cutting is inaccurate. Therefore, the cutting size should be strictly controlled within the tolerance range, and quality monitoring should be carried out;
  1. The quality of the adhesive used in the production of paper tubes and paper cans must be best.

General application of paper cylinder tube packaging 

Why do people choose to use cylindrical tubes to package their products, instead of folding cardboard boxes or other rigid boxes, the main reason is the shape of a round tube, this characteristic makes it perfect. the choice for packaging items like bottles, glasses, vases candles, etc. round objects.

The cylindrical packaging is also popular because the smooth tube wall makes it easier to hold. Below are some common applications our customers order tube packaging for, such as T-shirt packaging, essential oil bottles, vape cartridges, vape pen packaging, perfume bottles, red wine bottles, candles, etc. d. Another popular use is cardboard lipstick. Packaging for balm in a tube.

Below you will find some example images. You can also visit an app-specific page to view more customer photos and get inspiration for your own tube packaging.

Cardboard Tubes for Custom Packaging of Perfume Bolltes

Customized Packaging of Perfume Bottles Packaging Tubes for Cosmetic Products

The cosmetics industry requires a variety of packaging boxes to package countless cosmetic products. These small perfume bottles can be packaged in a  small paper tube with custom printing to make them a special gift to express love.

Custom Cardboard Tubes for Essential Oil Bottle Packaging

Cylindrical Tube Packaging for Essential Oil Dropper Bottle Packaging

More Information Custom cardboard tubes are widely used for packaging glass dropper bottles for essential oils, CBD oils, facial oils, and hemp oil dropper bottles. Use small cardboard tubes with custom packaging printing to distinguish your petroleum product from products packaged in folding boxes.

Cardboard Tubes for Custom Wine Bottle Packaging

Custom Paper Tube Packaging Box for Glass Bottle Packaging 

Cardboard tubes are also an ideal packaging for wine bottles. Sellers of luxury red wines prefer to package their wines in tubes instead of regular boxes. High-quality printing and finishing give your wine packaging a luxurious look.

Customized Candle Packaging Boxes

Read more round cylindrical cardboard tubes are a good choice for packaging handmade candles. You can place the candles directly in the tube packaging or place a candle jar inside. These handmade or custom-printed tubes will help you promote your candles.

Paper Cylinder Boxes for Clothing & T-Shirts

These cardboard tubes are suitable for packaging retail clothing such as T-shirts and underwear by rolling these garments into a round rod and can be easily placed into individual size tubes for display on store shelves with pictures on the tube exterior to be printed.

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