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Each Tube Box is Presented differently, Getting functional and impactful packaging is essential in building your brand, and a wide range of candle tube packaging to suit any occasion.

Let Your Brand Shine with Custom Candle Paper Tubes Box & Cylinder Packaging

Create a Pretty Candle Tube Box Design that not only holds your product comfortably

but also presents and elevates the quality of your product through its Artwork.


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Explore Custom Paper Tube Packaging

Also known as a Paper Can or Paper Tube, this type of packaging can be used for many purposes.

Typical paper tube applications include shipping and mailing, cartridge fabrication, crafts, concrete pillar construction, structural support (posters, paper towels, etc.), storage (documents, art, food, etc.), and gardening pots

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Custom Paper Tube Supplier

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Paper Tube with flated edge

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Paper Tube & Core Company

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Paper Tube Packaging Factory

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Paper Tube Manufacturer

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Paper Tube Packaging Wholesale

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Custom Paper Tube Wholesale

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Printed Paper Supplier

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Design Paper Tube with ribbon handle

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Design Paper Tube with Plastic Cover

What are Custom Tube Boxes?

As the name suggests, Custom Tube Boxes allows you to design Packaging tailored to your product rather than simply settling for a generic Box that the product only might fit into.

From storing delicate and dry foods like chips, coffee grounds, and powdered beverages, paper tube packaging has a variety of sizes in height and diameter that will allow your brand to have a significant presence on the retail shelf.

Custom Packaging Tubes means taking full control of the protection, from color tubes to spool and reel cores, presentation, and quality of your products.

It allows you to make sure your packaging fits your product perfectly, while also allowing you to add personal touches to create a strong brand narrative and ultimately boost your sales

Purchase convolute tubes in a variety of colors and a wide range of sizes, with different inner diameters, lengths, and thicknesses.

We also make Customizable perfume paper tube packaging solutions. Our factory provides high-quality white paper tubes for holding perfume glass bottles which will bring you more selling.

Creating Custom Candle Boxes that are simple, yet stand out,

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