There are countless types of food packaging on the market, including plastic and paper packaging. However, with the increase of global environmental pollution and the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, green packaging has been widely used in the food industry. Among them, composite paper cans have been recognized and favored by the food packaging industry and won a good reputation.

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic packaging industry, paper can packaging has gradually come into people’s sight. Today, paper can packaging is widely used in various industries. Among them, composite paper cans, as a kind of paper cans, have attracted more and more attention from the industry with its unique advantages, especially the food packaging industry.
Compared with ordinary paper cans, composite paper cans are composed of food-grade white cardboard and food-grade aluminum foil. They have good sealing properties, are waterproof and moisture-proof, can effectively prevent product from being wet, and are very suitable for food and other packaging. Demanding industries Today, composite paper cans are favored by the food packaging industry, and have attracted more and more industry attention and applications.

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Composite paper cans not only have the sealing advantages of plastic bag packaging, but also the packaging material is both safe and healthy. It has to be said that composite paper cans are a more suitable packaging form in food packaging.