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Coffee Paper Cardboard Tube | Paper-Tubes™ are design, produce Custom Tube Boxes, Cardboard Tubes Packaging & Paper Core Manufactorurer

Key Features:

1. Paper Tube for Coffee and Tea

2. One/Three Piece Tube with Metal Lid

 3 . 100% Recycled Paperboard 

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    Coffee paper cardboard tubes are a popular packaging option for coffee beans and grounds. These tubes are made from high-quality paperboard and are designed to keep the coffee fresh for an extended period of time. The tubes are also designed to be lightweight and easy to store and transport. The tubes are usually sealed with a plastic lid or a metal cap to ensure the freshness of the coffee. Coffee paper cardboard tubes are an eco-friendly option for packaging coffee, as they are made from recyclable materials.

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    Custom Size/Heigh/Thickness Paper Tubes: We have different Size for you to choice

    Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Thickness(mm) Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Thickness(mm)
    20 10–250 8–15 130 10–250 8–15
    30 10–250 8–15 140 10–250 8–15
    40 10–250 8–15 150 10–250 8–15
    50 10–250 8–15 160 10–250 8–15
    60 10–250 8–15 170 10–250 8–15
    70 10–250 8–15 170 10–250 8–15
    80 10–250 8–15 180 10–250 8–15
    90 10–250 8–15 190 10–250 8–15
    100 10–250 8–15 200 10–250 8–15
    110 10–250 8–15 210 10–250 8–15
    120 10–250 8–15 220 10–250 8–15

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    Coffee Paper Cardboard Tube | Paper-Tubes™ are design, produce Custom Tube Boxes, Cardboard Tubes Packaging & Paper Core Manufactorurer