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Our paper-Tube factory designs, and produces different sizes of custom paper tubes for different industries such as Cosmetics | Perfume | Personal Care | Gifts | Sweets | Candy | Coffee | Tea | Wine | Cake | Chocolate | Appreal | 

Premium Custom Paper Tubes for Luxury Product Packaging

Target luxury brands seeking high-quality packaging

Supported by our Professional Experts to Give you High-Quality Packaging &  100% Satisfactory

We can provide different material, printing & finishing processes including Hotstamping, Spot UV, Lamination, Varnish, laser cutting, and more. Our engineers can bend, fold, or cut different sizes of Tube boxes.

We are equipped with advanced rolling & curling equipment such as special tools. Paper-Tubes™ is also integrated with a world-class 8+1 UV Printing Machine.

  • ECO-Friendly Material: Recyclable, Biodegradable

  • Food Grade: Aluminum Foil  & Butter Paper

  • Technology: Exquisite Curling & Top Quality Control

  • Best Supplier specializing in Paper Tubes & Tube Boxes

  •  Total Custom Packaging Box to get your dream Printed Tubes 

From cosmetic packaging to food-grade containers, our custom paper tubes are versatile and customizable to suit a wide range of applications.

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Superior custom Paper Tube Solutions

Paper-Tube™ factory is one of the leading paper tube manufacturers across a variety of retail and industrial applications. Everything you need to turn your custom tube boxes into reality, everything your business needs is right here.

  • Full Manufacturing Capabilities

9 years of paper tube manufacturing, automated paper tube production machine, daily production reached 30000pcs, skillful engineering team, Professional Sevice. & fast reply

  • 100% Competitive Cost & Best Material

Automated machines to reduce handmade costs, Fully customizable printing with your design, MOQ 500pcs, SGS, FSC certification, recyclable & food-grade material & Glue

  • High Quality Controling

IQC examines all material before bulk production, QC during semi-finished, and finished products during production, Get access to a range of high-quality, durable packaging

Hot Tube Boxes Packaging

lip balm tube

Custom Lip Balm Tube Wholesale

Top Quality Custom Lip Blam Packaging Boxes & Essential Oil Container Wholesale; Lip Balm Containers are one of the most popular types of lip balm packaging & custom printed tubes are more attractive.

custom paper tube

Custom Paper Tube & Paper Core

Free size can be made from as you need; Amazing Design can improve your packaging and much higher add-value; Full spectrum of cardboard tubes can be made in Round | Oval | Triangle | Square Special Shaped

perfume tube box

Different Edge: rolled edge, flat edge, and tinplate top; Different Finishing: Hot stamping, Lamination, Spot UV, Glitter & Embossing

CBD paper tube

CBD Essential Oil Paper Tube Factory

Fully customized, ECO-friendly, and biodegradable Tube Packaging; Effectively protect essential oils and prevent broken glass bottles; CBD Essential Oil Paper Tube can be made by curling edge and flat edge.

Cosmetic Cardboard Tube Box

FSC Cosmetic Cardboard Tubes in a variety of colors and sizes; A wide range of fully recyclable Materials can be Choice and Fast Delivery; We are The Best wholesale cosmetic packaging Supplier that specializes in manufacturing personal care and cosmetic packaging.

custom cardboard tube

Custom Cardboard Paper Tube

Printed Cardboard Tubes can be used to package beauty/cosmetics/food/gifts/electronic products, etc; Printing & Finishing: UV & Offset Printing, Gold Stamping, Foil Stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Spot UV, Graining, Glossy Lamination, Mattle Lamination, Silk Screening.

candle cardboard tube

Different designs for Candle Bottle Tubes; Best Service + Fast Delivery + Top Quality; 2-piece & 3 Piece Paper Tube  & special structure are available.

kraft push tube

Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper Tube Wholesale

Wide range of fully recyclable Brown Kraft Tube Packaging; Different Sizes Brown Tube Boxes with Metal Lid Closure; Usually used as Tea and coffee Packaging, Gift Box, Bean containers, Cloth Cylinder boxes, etc.

By our Factory;

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Browse packaging by industry:


Gifts Round Boxes

Consist of two or three pieces such as cardboard lid, cardboard body and optional joint, which come in all shapes and sizes. Your tubes can go with the accessories of ribbons, ropes.


Salt Paper Tube

One-piece tubes with shaker tops and plastic bottom are perfect for packing salt, caramel. Your packaging should be an extension of your product, in every aspect, including quality.


Lip Balm Tube

Paper lip balm tubes consist of ABS inner tube, paper cardboard outside, which hold the most delicate of lip balm. Keep your products classy and safe in our custom paper tubes.


Seal/Protein Paper Tube

Consist of one piece paper tube with aluminum foil inside, aluminum easy open lid, aluminum bottom, plastic cap. The tubes can keep your products safe, airtight, waterproof.


Poster Paper Tube

Poster paper tube, mailing tubes, shipping tubes are ideal when sending posters, art, etc., because they are strong and lightweight, which helps to keep shipping costs low.


Cosmetic Cloths Paper Tube

Package T-shirts and all other sorts of goodies in our amazing tubes. We will always design our packaging to be as user friendly as possible. Simple is beautiful.


Coffee/Tea/Food Paper Cans

Coffee, tea and tubes belong together. We offer a full line of end closures to compliment our products, plastic plugs, metal ends, wooden caps are available.


Wine Paper Tube

Paper tubes are a great solution for wine packaging. Wine paper tube requires an end closure specific to that application or fully paper core. The ring is permanent and the metal plug is removable.

Free Structure Paper Tubes to Choice

Easily create your personalized, high-quality custom-printed boxes and packaging with everything you need

All in one Place: Eastpkg Paper Tube Company

Paper Tube Shape

Make Custom CardBoard Packaging In Paper-Tubes™ Factory

is Your Smart Choice

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Choose your style

Pick your paper tube based on durability, presentation, and product protection.


Select your size

Perfectly sized just for you! Choose a stock or custom size to give your product the perfect fit.


Make it your own

Create the perfect paper tube by adding your logo, colors, and graphics to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


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Top Quality Tube Boxes & Cylinder Packaging

Factory & Wholesale

Eastpkg Paper-Tubes™ Company is Your Best Custom Paper Tube Supplier

We specialize in printed paper tube packaging for a variety of industries. From cosmetics to food and beverage, Paper-Tubes™ factory has the perfect packaging solution for your product. We can offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from, ensuring that your product stands out from the crowd.

paper tube

Paper-Tubes™ company is committed to providing the best packaging solutions for your product. With their commitment to sustainability and cost-effective packaging solutions, Paper-Tubes™ company is the perfect choice for your product packaging needs.

We also offer various services to help you create the perfect packaging for your product. From paper tube design to printing and assembly, our workers can help you create a custom package to make your product stand out from the competition. offers a range of finishing options, such as foil stamping, embossing, and debossing, to make your product look even more professional.

Design Tube Container Packaging Boxes Made with your Desired Specifications

Get fancy and stylish structures of custom paper tubes for any purpose you want. We give you all the control to choose the dimension, material, and design when you are contacting us. Our designer can help you to do anything related to your ECO-Friendly Paper Tube Packaging. Free-of-cost designing assistance is provided to ensure you don’t worry about the cost while thinking about creative design.

Your satisfaction is important to us as we seek approval for all types of designs and dimensions before we start manufacturing your custom paper tube packaging.

Custom Apparel Packaging Solutions

We will help you by giving you suitable suggestions for your project so that the cardboard design will be competitive in the market. Whether you are a start-up or an old company, our custom packaging round box ideas will impress you and your entire team. With decades of experience in the packaging printing field, we understand all the intricacies involved in producing custom paper tube boxes.

Branding with top quality custom tube boxes

When it comes to printing, we have a variety of options for you to choose from, and place your order within a few business days. Make your product presentation eye-catching and exciting by choosing any color for your wholesale custom-printed paper tube packaging. Offset printing and UV printing options are available to customize any type of printed cardboard tube box. Your cylinder should convey and reflect your company’s good reputation. A custom container box with your logo can help your product and business stand out by making you stand out in the crowd.

It is useful Whether you want to personalize a simple retail package or a wholesaler of luxury packaging containers, we have the latest tools and practical know-how to give it a nice touch. With, Our staff will always be by your side throughout the corrugated box ordering process, allowing us to customize your wholesale and retail packaging to your satisfaction.

Changes to artwork, logos, or other designs are free of charge. You can do it and there is no setup fee. Custom Paper Tube Packaged Boxes – Make the process transparent for wholesale custom tube boxes with no mess. Talk to one of our customer representatives and get all the information you need about custom-printed cylinder boxes. View our logo retail packaging paper box sample designs to get more design ideas. If you need a logo or graphic ideas, our designers can present you with a number of print designs to capture your ideas.

paper tube box
wholesaåle paper tube

Benefit from the fastest processing times in our tube box factory

For wholesale paper tube packaging, you can order any quantity. There is no order quantity limit. We offer the fastest processing times and ship orders within a few business days to save you time on delivery. We can produce all kinds of collapsible cardboard tube boxes, from Christmas round boxes for gift wrapping to grocery take out containers.

As one of the leading paper tube manufacturers, we have a dedicated quality assurance department that carefully inspects your custom retail paper tube box to ensure you receive the highest quality orders. We believe in customer satisfaction. That’s why we make sure that the printed paper tube boxes for packaging arrive in the best possible condition and are undamaged during shipping.

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Best Customer Service 24/7

Our goal is to help small and medium businesses to get maximum profit from high-end custom packaging. Especially start-ups who need a boost to compete in the market can take advantage of our special offers. Save on packaging costs. Our representative is available 24/7 for her on live chat and is always available for any kind of support.

We will provide you with the offer in the shortest possible time so that there are no delays when placing your order. Fill out a spec sheet or call (0086) 186 888 98 544. For feedback or other questions, feel free to email us anytime at

We are here to help. You can easily retail these container boxes and custom unique paper tube suppliers according to your ideas. Paper-Tubes™ company —- We offer high-quality eco-friendly packaging boxes and elegant paper tube designs at wholesale prices.


Paper-Tubes™ company has the most talented, enthusiastic, and experienced designers who will work with you to create fanciful designs. Some of the reasons why Paper-Tubes™ company has reached a level of excellence in custom paper tube packaging are:

Quality products require quality packaging. Paper-Tubes™ Company is the place to go for top-quality custom paper tube packaging. By using the finest materials and the latest tube packaging tools, we meet the quality standards of the packaging market. From customized retail paper containers to customized wholesale packaging tube boxes, quality is guaranteed in every box, every step of the way.

Paper-Tubes™ company offers only the best. With us, you’ll quickly find the information you need with many paper tube options and options. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s custom printed tube boxes, cheap custom round boxes, or custom retail packaging tube boxes, I’m here to help. We’ve got you covered. We can go one step further to meet your needs with versatile and flexible packaging solutions.

Our packaging solutions are not just for large retailers. We work for everyone by providing custom paper tubes for small businesses. The main idea is that brands communicate their brand image with customized packaging tube boxes at affordable and competitive prices. We tailor our packages to meet your branding needs in a budget-conscious manner. We also offer custom wholesale boxes for startups and small brands.

Bespoke packaging is what brands need to engage their audience and tell their brand story. We believe the final product should be unique and better than what you imagined. Our endless customization options allow us to transform your concept into a fully custom-printed paper tube box. With the help of a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, printing options, embossing, and coatings, we aim to give you exactly what you have in mind.

We use only eco-friendly materials. We use the best biodegradable cardboard material to fulfill our corporate social responsibility in society.

Our entire shipping process is simple, hassle-free, convenient, and always on time. We have a team of dedicated and committed employees who work efficiently to meet target deadlines without sacrificing quality. By delivering orders within the promised time to get early feedback and make necessary changes according to customer needs.

Paper-Tubes™ company believes in excellent and responsive customer service. 24/7 online chat/phone support is available to assist you. Our customer service team is always ready to help with any questions regarding custom packaging paper tubes. Talk to a dedicated custom packaging expert to discuss your packaging needs and solutions.

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